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founding principle. we'll get it fair again. fox report from the campaign trail and preparing for a show down in the sunshine state. and sure to be front and in the debate. fall out from the murder of four americans in libya on 9/11. the pressure is mounting on the obama administration as calls about the terror attack intensifies. and a new development as police track a child killer . the latest clue a small woodep cross. investigating a pivotal piece of evidence in the tathe of jessica ridgeway. first tonight just 48 hours separate us from governor romney and president obama facing off again. we have seen a winning debate
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performance can attract votes. with 17 days on to go monday's outcome could help decide who wins on november 6th. both candidates are off of the trail and president obama is prepairing in camp david in maryland. governor romney is in florida preparing. congressman ryan in swing states of pennsylvania and ohio. congressman ryan talk being what romney administration would do on day one. >> on day one when mitt romney is faced with a decision of whether or not to build the key stone pipe line. he would say yes, you can. respect joe biden in florida at an event in jax
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jaxville and slammed governor romney and ryan. and carl camon is live with us. that's where we will see the final debate for now who has the most on the line here? they have a tremeppedous amount at attack. they will be north of 50 or 60 million people watching in an audience that big. it is crucial and really could change the conjectory of the final sprint. it is a foreign policy debate. there will be a great deal of discussion about it there was a controversy over whether they had given adquate time for the candidates to talk about lib yampt mr. romney believe -- believes that the administration has not come clean on what happened in benghazi. that is just to come up. and there will be a discussion of what to do with iran and
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nuclear physicists as-- nuclear asspirations. he -- romney said the president threw netanyahu and israel under the bus. bide boid said they are met before. and that is clearly going to be a major issue. mr. mitt romney has not been known to put a great deal on foreign policy. he worked over seas and traveled a great deal but it is not considered to be a strong suit the president does every day, he got bin laden. and that is a foreign policy debate that could impact what happens in the end and in so far romney won the first one and it is going to be consequential, harris.
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no doubt with a lot of viewers and voters if we look at the millions of people who watched the debate fumpt live in a swing state you know the ads are running into each other. i understand the money chase is almost over. what do we know? it is. as a matter of fact mitt romney in palm beach is at his last fund raiser of the election cycle is more money spent in florida on television ads alone. over $166 million and counting tonight, we know how both candidates did in september fund raising it saw the president raising far more than mitt romney over $120 million to mr. mitt romney's $77 million and as they close out their fund raising drives, what matters most is the cash on hand. president obama has a
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advantage over mitt romney. that will go to infrastructure and tv air waves are not consumed. if it is it humanly possible. they will foined more inventory to buy tup, harris. you heard carl say monday's debate will focus on foreign policy. the economy and jobs will play a large role in who wins in key states. brand new fox polling. growing momentum on governor romney on the economy particularly in the important state of the florida. we ask voters who they trust. and a whopping 50 percent of the respondants chose mitt romney compare tod 43 percent for the president. that is it a major turn around which had president obama leading. we asked ohio and here are
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thoyce numberings. -- numbers. the lead is far smaller than it was in september. a sign of momentum for governor romney's campaign. the over all health of the economy and jobs market is a key deciding factor for undecided voterss and in ohio and florida we asked them if the economy is geth better, worse or staying the same. 5-point margin they say the economy is improving and in florida they say it is getting worse. we get word that the unemployment rate in several battle ground state is falling. ohio has seen a rise in job creation and there is it a lot of the cover in the state. and we'll look at the numbers that we are poling at fox news. for the undecided voters and the entire nation, a final look at the candidates going
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to the issue. coverage gince on fox news channel eight time time 55 eastern. megan kelly and bret bear -- baeir will give you the best coverage. in libya, the attack that took the lives of four americans it is it the latest for the obama administration to say what it knew about the murders. intelligence officials are changing their assessment. they are mentioning reaction to the film in egypt. but an intelligence official telling fox news that the latest assessment does acknowledge that there was no actul protest in benghazi. the white house and state department said it was spontanous and happened in response to the protest
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outside of our consulate. we reported that was not true and it looks like intelligence officials are saying the same thing. greg calcot is there with breaking details. harris, it is five and half weeks since the attack on the u.s. embassy. there is it a lot of questions to worry and we had remarkable acess to the compound. we could smell the smoke set by the mob. there was a blood splattered bathroom and place was ran sacked. one credible eyewitness said the mob that night marched chanting blood 31sty slogans and why there was a protest first. we are told it was a vicious attack and well organize using a wide range of arms and we didn't see evidence of that.
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we saw defenses were minimal. various members of the islamic mob. they denied responsibility to us and others. we counted five closed circuit compound and images from those could explain a lot. finally ambassador and his staff were worried about a growing terror threat. we had indications of that, too. one libyan official said he warned the americans of the risk days before the attack. the attack on the consulate is one more example of the instability of this country in the killing of gaddafi, one year ago on this day. the new government here is trying to get it under control. an example of that a while ago, gaddafi's former spokesman what is said to be on the run is captured surveliance aircraft is watch
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waiting, harris. a programming note for on the subject. bret baer is holding a special on the attack in libya tomorrow right here on fox. the u.s. navy delivering a message to china as beijing increases the military muscle in the pacific. the uss george washington, it cruised through the disputed south china sea. that region, a source of tension as china tried to claim resource rich islands which are claimed by the countries of vietnam and the phillipines. our navy has stepped up patrols. right now, a fresh demand for answers in a scandal that rocked a certain government agency. we are learning who is facing the heat now over what secret
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service agents did in a presidential trip in columbia. and this law professor said she was passed over a career advancement because of conservative beliefs. she sued her employer. we are waiting for a court decision . so what role does the personal belief system or politics have in the work place? we report and you decide. bottom line, my client because she is a stanch conservative republican couldn't get a job with the university of iowa college. the faculty totally liberal discussed her politics on the day of the vote. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods
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highest part of the office embroiled in a sex scandal. new questions are emerging how president obama handled the secret service prosecution scandal. ron johnson was accused of making misleading statement to congress about what went down. what actually went down in a presidential trip to columbia. peter doocy following the news for us in washington. mark sullivan testified nocongress in may that none. women involved in the prostitution scandal had acess to the community. one of the women is still of a concern and this is coming out now because the inspector general put together an unternal report about the scandal and ron johnson released the details to show discrepancy with things white
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house involvement he was not able to investigate whether or not they signed female foreign nationals in the hotel. they said this back in april. the white house office conducted a review and in concluding that review came to the concussion that there is it no indication that any number of the white whoit advance teem engaged in improper contact. joe leebe leebe ripped his colleague and said the unauthorized leak from the ig report is unfair to the united states secret service and director mark sullivan. they have served our nation for a long time and deserve the benefit unless real evidence leads to conclusion. the secret service has not responded to the memo. thank you very much.
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>> and now an update on a 15 year oldi girl shot in the head by the because she wanted an education . the hospital released the first pictures. these are the first time we have seen her since she arrived on monday. she's now able to stand with help and she can write. but she's showing signs of infection and faces a long and difficult recovery with uncertain prospects. we are looking at a miracle right now. they didn't think she would get this far. she was targeted by the for the work she had done. and a savage attack on a fam fam whompt is responsible for the deadly betrayal and an unusual scene playing out at a bank. a hasmat teem showed up after
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people were breaking out in hives. it is all because of a deposit a customer made. they had to hose them down in the parking lot.
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people across the nation living in fear of the unknown right the national meningitis outbreak keeps growing. we saw the death tollrise again today. now 23 people are dead. dealing with the disease is bad enough. those who are sick are facing a long and uncertain path to recovery. so many people are waiting to
4:22 pm
find out their fate. here's more from atlanta. harris, so many patients are on edge as they wait to see if they are constaminated. >> my husband is part of my mother half. she only hopes and prays while her husband bob is fighting for his life. he was shivering and he had a fever. it was like 102. and he's one of the many faces in the center of a until scare outbreak of meningitis that is keeping millions of people on the edge. several have died and hundreds are sick and hundreds are at risk. it came out on the news about the meningitis outbreak. i told my wife and said that is us. yawn got a letter along with a hospital bill saying he
4:23 pm
may have exposed. he's frustrated by the way his case is handled. there is a lot of people contracting this disease and dying with this disease and the health care system is more health i don't care system of here's my bill and pay me and deal with our attorneys later. janet russell can't talk or eat and in the hospital since midseptember. she's had a lot of pain and suffering. i never dreamed anything like this would happen and i am sure none of the other patients thought it would happen to them either. there is a consistence that although treatments work they are toxic and carry heavy side acts of their own. pates are told to wait and said if they develop symptoms to contact them immediately. a gunman attacking a fam fam near los angeles killing a father and four year old son. this happened in the city of
4:24 pm
englewood at that hour two of the children from that home who survived are hospitalized in critical condition. a woman said to be their mother is treated for multiple gunshots wounds as well. it is believed that the suspect set his own home on fire before going on a shooting rampage. it was so intense they are trying to determine if the gunman died in the flames or left the scene. the neighbor told the los angeles times that the gunman was being kicked out of his home after missing several payments. news now, the holiday shopping season is fast approaching. a price war could be in the works that lead to big savings. but financial experts say it might back fire we'll explain. the obama administration coming under fire for the response to the deadly attack
4:25 pm
on the u.s. consulate in libya. why members was congress say their questions are going unanswered. that includes john herman cain. it is either willful deception or incompetence and failure to understand fundmental factos the ground. either one of those is obviously totally unacceptable look, there is failures all over the middle east. bob...
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and a 30-tablet free trial. i am harris faulkner. it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news . the pressure mounting on the obama administration to be open and direct about its response to the deadly terror attack in libya. entire committees joining the growing calls for more transparency. they are voicing concerns about their questions about the atax going unconsidered. molly, we are learning about the road blocks law makers are talking about. the pentagon is not going to let the tops to talk to the republican committee any time soon. the congressman wrote with yes or no questions and asked for their responses in 24 hours
4:30 pm
secretary leon paneta's office said the generals would not have the worris and didn't say when they would. an adto mckon, it is unprecedented for the defense secretary to step in like that. to me they are trying to hush it up and hope it goes away and wait until after the election. they are wrong. the american people are getting engaged in this. mckeon said usually the chairman can get direct answers from the general. democrats are critizing two republicans for the release of documentings. darryl issa and chaffetz wrote in a letter to president obama that the documents released show that not only did the administration repeatedly reject request for increased secretary in libya around our
4:31 pm
consulate despite the escalating violence but decreased secretary to dangerous ineffective levels. democrats say the republicans are trying to take political advantage of the attack. >> do you think it is a coincidence two days before the national debate on foreign policy congressman release politics. this is pol if i cans pure is simple. the state department said it cannot comment on security or other related matters until a independent board finishes the investigation of the libya attack. molly thank you. >> and tomorrow on fox sport net the -- fox news support the latest reaction. exclusive interviews with dick durbin of the foreign relation committee and lindsay graham.
4:32 pm
check your listing for when it air necessary your home town. it is call would a pivotal piece of evidence in a kill are of a child . jessica ridgeway vanished this month and on the way to school a week later police found her remains from a park. no suspects yet. but police are focusing on a small woodep cross that turned up in the course of the investigation. we have more. hi, there, harriet, it is a significant step forward. evidence was so thin on the ground. the cross could be pivotal in revealing the identity of the killer whampt can they found out about it this miniature keltic cross is awe break through clue in uncovering the identity of jessica's killer temperature is it one inch tall. you will see the holes and
4:33 pm
it doesn't mean it was worn on a necklace but could be. on the front line three lines etched vertically and these are distinct markings. there is a great number of designs and patterns and we didn't find one that had a replication of these unecharacteristics. they want to hear from anyone who may recognize it so they can track down the owner or where it was bought. it may have been dropped or left behind by the killer and they think it could be the link between jessica's murder and attempted abduction of a 20 year old woman who was jogging in the same area back in may. well, harris, with regards to who the suspect was in the jogger's case it is a light skinned mail. 18-35 years old and medium
4:34 pm
build and five foot six to five foot eight in height. it is unclear how the two cases may be related but they said the wooden cross may be the answer to linking the cases and lead to an arrest soon. who are the police looking for in the jogger's case. this man has cropped up before. they are focusing on him at this time. they haven't told us why the cross could be listeninged to him specifically. back in 2010 a man with the identical description was report indeed an attempted abducted of another female in the area in westminister and they could be looking for a man that may indeed to be a serial killer, harris. >> dom nick, thank you. what a store store . and now this just in. shortly before we joined you here live on the fox report,
4:35 pm
we had an alert that the new york times was report that this white house was on the verge of talks with iran over the nuclear program. we didn't report that on fox report. fox news journalist and working the store store know it is not true it is the timing of this may have people questioning. we are on the eve of 48 hours of a foreign policy debate between the two presidential candidates, president obama and governor romney. the 83 is, was this out there and is it a true store tore and so on and so forth. ed henry has been on the store store it is fair to ask about the timing in all of i think you put your finger on it the timing is curious. as you say, just under two days before the final presidential election and all about foreign policy and back in boka raton one of the
4:36 pm
president's biggest liabilities is that iran is getting nuclear weapons. and on the debate new york times suggesting from a source to administration officials that the president may have authorized the idea that after the election, iran has agreed to one on one talks about the nuclear program for the first time ever. that would be dramatic. just as quickly as that crossed, the white house shot it down. the spokesman put out written statement and the united states and iran have agreed to one on one talks or any meeting after the american election. the store store is already out there and floated in the new york times and administration officials getting it out there and that will be out as the debate happens on monday night could help the president as he gets questions from the bobment the president said sanctions are crippling iran,
4:37 pm
harris. if the talks are about to happen it would show that the sanctions were working. but if in fact the white house floated it out like a trial balloon, i don't know how we prove that. but if thracould be proven that is problematic. >> it is it a interesting store store. it is it suggesting that you know, iran is waiting until after the election because they believe n if mitt romney wins he will not sit down and talk with them. that suggest, look. if president obama is reelected there could be one on one talks and maybe a nuclear show down will be averted. it is a diplomatic angle. and you have to throw out the military option.
4:38 pm
this is gonegoing to be one of the hottest issues along with libya and syria international hot spots. and the white house taking heat over the libyan investigation over what it knew and when it knew after the attacks that killed ambassador stevens and three other american necessary the u.s. consulate in libya. this would take the heat off that conversation. and before we let you g. our viewers, it is hitting twitter and pop up. the facts of the store store as you know them one more time. basically, the new york times is reporting that the u.s. and iran has been having secret back channel talks throughout the obama administration. there is hints, but the new angle, the new york times report that officials in u.s. and iran agreed to one on one talks that happen after the american election in order to try to slow down iran a
4:39 pm
nuclear program and avoid a nuclear show down. it is important. because they talked about a unlateral strike on iran's nuclear program. that is the news that the new york times suggesting that they are doing one on one talks after the election. the white house moments after the store store went out said it is not true it is very interesting times right before the debate. and thent politics would come up. it would be curious to see how long it takes for the romny campaign. if the white house may have float today out here and hoping to score points. we'll monitor through edhenry. bringing us breaking news. ed, thank you. as we monitor that store store. we'll bring you other news on the fox report and this is eye-popping. no one likes to be left hang
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haley's comment. you don't need a telescope just get far from the city and find open space and look up. don't blink. those stars move fast. awesome sight. a tour bus crashes on the back of the grand canyon killing the driver and injuries passengers. it is it our store store. the charter bus approaching the line. it lalved more than 700 feet. twepts were hurt. six of them flown to a hospital in las vegas. california, several people inside of a bank bringing out in hivesafter a customer
4:45 pm
brings in money wrapped in a towel. the teller started itching and having trouble breathing. aa has mat teem was called in. we don't know what was in it and questioning the man who brought in the money. texas, 24 people dangling in a ride in the texas state fair. they were stuck up there for hours nearly 200 feet in the hair. they say it was electrical. it was called a stat tros fear. and they try tod lower the ride and bringing the people to safety back on the ground. >> colorado, radio just released of two dennerer wroo workers after saving a cat minutes after it was born. it was born unresponsive and performed mouth to snout hoe
4:46 pm
is doing fine right now. that's the fox watch across america . get ready to shop as we get to the holiday shopping season. we are looking at a pricing war. big box chains are promising to match competitors on line prices. they hope it will help people hunt for the perfect gift. some people say that plan could back foir . this is a tech sign of the t is.. price matching is nothing knew. similar to clipping coupons and showing it to the cashier. as other brick and mortar stores done adjust we may see more of them shut their doors. they scope out the merchandise and it is it a double-edged sword. they lose the sale and have to pay more over head coasts. consumers are just watching
4:47 pm
their wallet. william blare and company found that target's prices were higher than ama whereon and best buy 16 percent higher and walmart prices 9 percent higher . newscast last year i think it was a surprise to a lot of store owners to have customers come in and tires on the merchandise and use the iphone to buy it somewhere else x. so small store owners and larger chains and store managers they are ready for this and they know they have the ability to compete and match prices. it is it affective immediately . target will be rolling out their plans on monday. the other thing we will put out on line. they have free shipping and return policy. this means it is it a good year for shoppers. more on line retailers are
4:48 pm
offering. and they opt to buy in person. brick and mortar stores high light their advantages that. is at the point of purchase. we'll see better customer service this holiday season. service with a smile and on the other note something that levels the playing field. there are bills forcing on line retailers to look at state taxes for customers. >> good to see you, thank you. cyclist lance armstrong at the center of a doping scanal. he has a request. we'll hear it and plus a woman who was frozen out of a yob because was she believes in. and the discrimination case that is it gaining national attention. fox is bringing you debate coverage and i will anchor at fox
4:49 pm
our live chat will be up for you to post comments before and after the debate. we'll be live and treme it live after don't miss anam sis and begin at 8:45 eastern. where others fail, droid powers through.
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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on monday, we could learnlet decision in a discrimination trial that is geth national attention. the woman is suing the university of iowa law school because she was passed over to a big job due to politics and beliefs. shannon green has the store store. it is illegal improper. the attorney who once
4:53 pm
worked for the right to life committee and fam fam research said that conservative background cost her a job not once but three times . she was working as a part-time instructor in 2006 when she first applied for a full-time position . it went to a lesser qualified and more liberal candidate and she believes her personal politics were used against her something that the school decides. the two sides are battling it out in court. wagner's legal teem produced an e-mail. one thing that worries me, some people may be opposed to theresa served in any role because they despice her politics and activism about it they saw that she bungle would her interview. the interesting thing is that the videotape of her
4:54 pm
interview got erased. school officials admitted that the tape was erased and didn't explain why or numerous faculty members support the school and others to sing wagner's praises and said the school falsely subjected he was a subject of a sexual investigation . and how low they'll stoop to retailiate. my client is a stanch conservative republican and couldn't get a job with the university of iowa law. faculty totally liberal discussed her politics on the day of the vote. they call it the hardest decision oflet life. they turn down the repeated case for commepts. thior is expected to get the case by monday. lance armstrong said he had a tough couple of weekings .
4:55 pm
he is it a former cycling star and losing big endorsements from nike. now his personal plea has he fights to save the livestrong charity. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years.
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find out what else ups knows. i'll do that. you're on a roll. that's funny. i wasn't being funny, bob. i know. lance arm urging them not to lose their faith. he was in hot water after detailing the perform apse enhancing drugs. and armstrong denice doping at the live strong foundation . it is been a interesting couple of weeks and a difficult couple of weeks for my friendation . i get asked a lot. man, how are you doing? and i say this every time. i mean it .
4:59 pm
i have been better but also worse . he mention the allegation of doping. tim tebow, one of the most popular quarterbacks in the nfl trade marking the famous move of dropping to a knee in prayer temperature was popular last year with the broncos. it is not over cash. now huckabee. i stood in the rose gard yen said it was an act of terror . the tale of the tape tells a different store tore. >> it was nolt a preplanned attack. it was an awful internet video. outrage over the video. >> ambassador chris fer stevens worried about al-qaida and asking for more security before the attack that killed

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on 10/20/2012